Pat Zisis

Pat Zisis


As far back as Pat can remember, she has fond memories of growing up in the restaurant industry, as her Dad along with his brothers owned a family style restaurant in Toronto. Washing dishes on a Saturday afternoon was not exactly what she wanted to do, but this taught her the value of hard-work and family.

After completing school Pat tried a 9-5 job and worked for an insurance company for 15 years but that was not her true calling. She then decided to follow her fathers footsteps and returned to the hospitality business purchasing a pub. She successfully ran the pub for 9 years before selling it in 2008. Living in the Lakeshore area Pat felt the neighborhood was changing and in need of more restaurants. Within a few months she opened up a Greek restaurant which she ran for 6 years.

Within the last year Pat began a change to healthier eating and lifestyle. In late 2013 Pat reconnected with an old friend, David Perez, and started discussing the possibility of partnering up and making a significant change. With Pats knowledge of running a restaurant and Davids culinary expertise, the idea for Thrive Organic Kitchen & Cafe began.

David Perez

David Perez

Chef & Owner

David began his culinary journey 16 years ago in Mexico at Pizzoloto Culinary University. Since then he had the privilege of learning different cuisines such as Peruvian, Greek and Italian and was always known for creating delicious and unique flavours.

Six years ago David was blessed to have a beautiful daughter (Athena) and soon after he decided to change his career in an attempt to spend more time with his family. But that did not last long as his passion for food and his desire to raise his daughter the healthiest way possible brought him back into the culinary world. In 2013 he met his current life partner, Otilia, with whom he began a whole new journey towards healthy foods and optimum nutrition.

David felt so great after switching to a raw/vegan/vegetarian diet that he made it his personal mission to share his newly acquired knowledge and passion for cooking with people all over the world. Whether he is in the kitchen preparing a delicious meal, in the cafe talking to our guests or attending the latest conference on nutrition, David has one goal: to show people that raw/vegan/vegetarian food can taste amazing and that feeling great and full of energy is possible.

Cooking is not just his Passion; it is his Life!

Otilia Kiss

Otilia Kiss

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Otilia Kiss is a Certified Holistic Health Coach who specializes in helping health-conscious clients to restore their health by teaching them the secret power of fresh, whole foods and integrative nutrition.

Through her work with Fortune 500 Companies in the food service industry for over 14 years, Otilia has enjoyed inspiring clients to become more aware of the foods they eat and the impact those have on their health. A passionate, caring and knowledgeable public speaker, Otilia is an expert in helping clients get clear on their goals and implementing life-long strategies to maximize their energy, vitality and nutrition.

Otilia received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Drawing on this knowledge, Otilia helps clients create completely personalized ‘road-maps to restoring health that suit ones unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals, producing real and lasting results.

Today, Otilia has a thriving and rewarding health coaching practice in Toronto, Canada, helping people master their health and transform their lives.